Check out what my furry clients are saying about the care they receive from Crazy Cat Pet Sitter.

My brother, sister and I love when Aunt Sally comes to visit us....we always get wet food and lots of treats. She plays the flying bird with us too. Greta always kills it! Smokey just watches, but we all have fun. Aunt Sally takes good care of us! Hanzie (Tom & Alice)

Meow, my name is Miki. Since I am a rescue, mom treats me like a Queen - the best food, toys, treats, bed, and, of course the best staff. Whenever she chooses to abandon me for a few days, Sally steps in. She knows everything that I like. She feeds me, plays with me, cuddles me when I’m in the mood, brushes me, and, of course, keeps EVERYTHING clean – just as I like it. Mom totally trusts Sally with her most precious possession – me! Miki (Pat M.)

When my mom goes away, Catsitter Sally comes to the rescue. She takes care of my food, water and litter needs as well as stays with me to play and cuddle! I don’t feel as lonely when she stops by everyday while Mom’s away. Sally’s the best! Yoda (Pat F.)

Hi! We’re Barney & Andy. We want to tell you about Sally Catsitter. She feeds us, plays with us, and sits with us on our lanai, which is Barney's favorite spot. When our Moms leave, we really don’t worry because we know Sally will be visiting. She takes good care of us and loves us up when we’re in the mood! We met Sally when we first came to the shelter. She helped us find our forever home and, as a bonus, we still get to see her! Barney & Andy (Brenda & Deb)

My name is Samuel and here is the scoop on Aunt Sally. My siblings and I are sad when Mom and Dad go away, but Sally shows up and we all cheer up. Sally feeds us, keeps everything nice and tidy, and then the fun begins. Isabella gets to play chase the treats and Kayla gets a good petting session. My favorite part is when Sally lets me take a nap on her lap. I am so cute, she calls me “Roo”, because she thinks I look like a kangaroo! We love Sally, she loves and understands cats! Samuel (Steve & Lou Ann)

Cuteness is second nature to me, Lil Bit. I’m always in charge, I’m always the first to greet everyone at the door, and I’m perfectly happy being the center of attention. Sally knows which toys I like best, and she knows I always eat first! My brother Buddy is a sensitive boy. He gets sad when our homies are away and he doesn’t like thunderstorms. But he likes when Sally visits because she understands him and even plays with him when he's not feeling so good. Lil Bit (Diane)

Aunt Sally is the best! She takes care of me when Mom and Dad are away. I’m very sad and get nervous when they leave – I’m afraid they aren’t coming back for me. Aunt Sally plays with me and talks to me and makes me feel reassured and happy. I can tell she really loves kitties! We play my favorite games and make up new ones. She also gives me yummy food and treats and makes sure my litter pan is perfect – just the way I like it. The last time Mom & Dad went on a trip for a week. I had to take a pill and a liquid medicine for a problem I was having. I don’t like getting medicine, but Aunt Sally was kind and gentle in giving it to me. If your parents/staff have to go away without you, I strongly recommend Aunt Sally! Louie (Sharon & Ross)

Thank you so much for taking great care of me and my siblings, Lilly, Rooben! We are so happy mom found us the best ever care giver for when she goes away! Phil (Laura)

Purrrr…Chico the Cat here… As a rescue going on 14 years-old, I’ve seen a lot in my days. The couple I own have struggled with sitters for me --- most of whom have refused to come back because I was “difficult”. Aunt Sally is different! She is a real cat person. She knows “dogs drool and cats rule”. I love her because she takes time to let me sit on her lap on the lanai, drink water in the bathtub, and play special games. Chico (Tim & Vicky)