Crazy Cat Pet Sitter

Crazy Cat Pet Sitter is an “in your home” pet sitting service dedicated to cats!

So you’ve booked your flights, hotel and car rental. You’ve planned every last detail of your trip. Travel day arrives and you pull out the suitcase and start to pack. Your cat immediately knows something is up – and it isn’t something good. He or she curls up on your neatly folded clothes. The stress starts to set in. Last on the list is the dreaded cat carrier. Uh oh, looks like I’m on my way to the kennel. Sad cat.

I am here to help alleviate that stress! It’s a well-known fact that cats are much happier in their own environment. Cats are comforted by the familiar sights, sounds and smells of their own home.

I offer professional, reliable and loving care for your cats in your home while you’re away. Although I am compassionate for all animals, cats hold a special place in my heart. Any pet sitter can feed your cat and scoop the litter, but someone dedicated to the care of cats offers so much more. Reading a cat’s mood, knowing when to play, when to cuddle and when to give the cat some space differentiates a dedicated cat sitter from a dog sitter who just happens to also care for cats. My years of experience with shelter cats have given me the confidence to handle all sorts of feline personalities and temperaments. I’m not a “crazy cat lady”, but I am crazy about cats!


Customized Care

My goal is to provide quality, customized care, meaning I will do all I can to ensure minimal disruption to your pet’s routine. During our initial consultation, I will learn about your cat’s likes, dislikes, quirks and habits. Does your kitty like to stroll around the lanai? Or perhaps some rambunctious play followed by a soothing brushing session? Maybe your cat prefers a warm lap with a good belly rub. I will accommodate whatever suits your cat’s routine.


Hands-On Service

I am the sole proprietor of Crazy Cat Pet Sitter and I do not have employees or use independent contractors. You will be assured that I alone will be entering your home and caring for your cat(s).


Local Services

My service area includes all of Estero and most of Bonita Springs, Florida. For Bonita Springs, my service area is north of Bonita Beach Road and west of I-75.


Learn More

Please check out the pages on this website for more information about me and my services, as well as testimonials from my happy feline clients. I would love an opportunity to meet you and your cat! Give me a call or send me an email to schedule a no-charge consultation, giving me the opportunity to meet your cat and for us to get to know each other.