Hello! My name is Sally LaFrenere.

Before relocating to Estero from Chicago in 2003, my long-time career was with a corporate legal department, working in contracts and litigation. Since moving, I’ve tinkered with a couple different jobs, but decided to take the experts' advice to “do what I love” ... and I LOVE CATS!

In addition to caring for my furry “clients”, over the years I have volunteered with various rescue groups in the Chicago area and here in Florida. This work has given me experience in dealing with unique personalities, temperaments and needs of all types of cats.

I am so fortunate to enjoy a happy life with my husband, Jim, and our two cats, Squirt – a super special tortie – and Chili – quite the character and the model for my logo! When not taking care of cats, I enjoy playing tennis, seeing movies and rooting for the Chicago Blackhawks.

I currently volunteer with HEAL (Haven on Earth Animal League). This group cares for homeless cats and kittens through fosters, with adoption centers in locations such as PetSmart Coconut Point, Petco Gulf Coast Town Center and more. HEAL also supports TNR and colony feeding. Click Here for more info!

Why Crazy Cat Pet Sitter?


I offer a pet-sitting service, dedicated to cats.


I am a professional who has chosen to do what I love.


I have years of experience caring for cats, in all shapes, sizes and temperaments.


My service is customized to your cat's unique personality - because I care.

Hands On

I do the work - I do not hire employees to do the work.


I am licensed and insured.